It’s All about Emotions for the end of June begining of July 2017

As we near the end of June and the winter Solstice is over,the New Moon of yesterday 24th of June is in Cancer along with 3 other planets ,cancer is the sign of the home , nuturing ,security and protection .The emphasis is on looking after yourself and your family as June comes to a close.Mercury the planet of communication is conjunct this New Moon , so conversations with women and family will take on a very supportive role.
June is a number 6 Month in Numerology which also equates to the Home ,health and love this energy will be helpful for you emotional health and well being and stand you in good stead before the move into July where energies and emotions can change more dramatically.

July represents number 7 ,and No 7 is ruled by Saturn the planet of limitations , disciplin and control suggesting ” We may need to apply control” this month as the Full moon which” illuminates” aspects of our lives , falls in Capricorn the connection here is that Saturn governs Capricorn and this will only intensify the emotional control needed around this full Moon of July 9th. There’s more , In addition to this combination the Moon is now conjuct Pluto the planet of Power , control and transformation . This can then trigger “overpowering” emotions and intense feelings , there may be a deep need to change anything that you feel is overwhelming in your life ,especially from an emotional angle this can bring release and allow more positive progress as you move through the rest of the month.