May – 5 Planets in retrograde – plan and slow down

As we enter May, the last month of autumn, and before we feel cold nip of winter, be aware the natural cycles of nature also slow down as the trees lose their leaves and small mammals begin to hibernate.


Synchronicity plays a part this May as five planets are all retrograde, this means not moving and “Slowed down“. We have Mars from April 17th to 22nd August. This will have an important effect on all zodiac signs. New plans may backfire. Plans lose their drive to succeed. On the other hand, plans fail to happen at all. Mars retrograde is excellent for strategising. Working on your plans. Not for taking action. Mars retrograde is useful in going back over and re-working your projects. Brilliant for resting. This is an excellent time to recharge your batteries and move forward with vitality in Spring.


Pluto is also retrograde from April 18th to September 26th.


When Pluto is retrograde your search for inner truth and peace alternatively reflect about any power and control in your life.


Saturn is also retrograde from March 25th to August 13th 2016.


Saturn retrograde adds to the mix of delays and lack of progress you may have to work harder to get where you want to be.


Jupiter is only retrograde for 9 more days of May so expansion and growth has been stopped.


Finally Mercury is retrograde from April 28th to May 22nd


This is the planet that rules communication, education, thinking, transport and media and the slowing down of this planet can lead to delays, distractions and mixed messages !


In summary forewarned is forearmed 5 planets ! The number 5 equates to change, travel and communication all in slow motion.


So, look inward for renewal through these months and slow down, plan where you want to be by Spring. For that is the time of new beginnings and new growth just as seeds begin to grow and new life emerges from the depths of hibernation.



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  1. Thanks Tracey, will try to rerember it when the printer is not working, the bus is late and i start to doubt myself because my plan is not working!

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