June’s Vibration

Travelling swiftly through June now, and half waypic1 through the year approaching mid winter. Be aware from a numerlogical perspective this is the 6th month, the number 6 rules the home, beauty, art and relationships. In the tarot deck the 6th tarot card is the lovers ruled by the planet Venus and this also equates to choices in relationships, harmony and beauty.


You may have felt around the beginning of the month the need to communicate ideas, as we had three planets in Gemini. However as Mars is still in retrograde until the end of June, these ideas will be slow to get off the ground leading to frustration and irritability.


To add to the mix there are other planets not working as well together, so any big ideas for growth including artistic or psychic pursuits will be grounded and you will be called to exert self discipline and focus allowing plans to become real and concrete in time. Don’t just dream the dream, plan to make the dream real as June comes to a close.


pic2Once at the end of June the Sun and Venus move into Cancer, Cancer loves to feel safe and look after the home and family, so we are reminded to keep family relationships in balance and to value our home and security and to cherish the safety we enjoy, especially in the wake of all the political upheaval and the need for security in  other parts of the world today.


The vibration of the number 6 month ties in very well with the current planetary moves as the number 6 asks us to have a sense of responsibility for family and community. This love and domestic vibration requires that you be responsive to the needs of others .



A fine sense of balance must be demonstrated to equalise injustices and this I feel makes a connection to the asteroid Palace Athena (The female warrior, the protector). Her position in the chart now squaring Neptune and Saturn may indicate in the coming months that we may see more positive moves towards protecting and fighting for women from domestic violence.