July – Stay in Control

We are now over half way through the year globally we are in a number 9 year, a year of humanitarianism, charity and service to humanity a year to be guided by our inner wisdom. It is also a year of endings and we have already been witness to this in many forms all over the world.


July is the 7th Month. No 7 in the tarot cards is ruled by the Chariot and the Chariots governing planet is Cancer a water sign, water needs to stay balanced as this card tells us to stay in control of our situation through strength of will. It represents conquest victory and confidence.


Cancer is a cardinal sign, this gives the chariot the drive and need for action, but only if we exert self-discipline.



This ties in well with the sun in cancer until the 22nd of July, we still have a need to feel safe and protect our family, and therefore it is important to stay in control of heightened emotions in July.


You can begin to focus on those pet projects now too and with Mars moving direct they will start to gain momentum. Be aware that Mars is in Scorpio another water sign with depth and power, indicating a lot of rash out of control actions can have a deep affect emotionally, so tread carefully.

All these emotional watery energies in July continue the theme of control as the Full moon on the 19th July which governs our emotional needs enters Capricorn. Capricorn likes to take charge and stay in control.

Thus the chariot’s energy is very strong this month take charge and stay in control of your actions and emotions you will feel safe.


Take care Tracey