“Haywire” September

September may feel a little “Haywire” for some as firstly Mercury goes backwards from 30th August until september 22nd , this will play out as many forms of communication are delayed or “mixed up” creating frustration,not a good time to sign contracts or make important decisions either.
This month also begins with a Solar Eclipse in Virgo , Eclipses Shake us up and get us moving , they shine a light on the areas of our lives that we need to pay attention to often creating bright new opportunities especially this month for all the “Virgo’s” out there.
Work and health issues will be under the spot light.
September being the 9th month of the year and 9 means endings and reflection ,not only will this energy call us to look back over the last 8 months of the year ,but it will have a sense of “finishing up” ,before we start to plan for the coming summer months in the Southern Hemishere.
Whatever ends will only lead to new doors opening providing you can navigate the coming “Haywire” events.