February favours dramatic turning points in your life.

February has two eclipses a dramatic lunar eclipse in Leo 22 degs on February 10th and a dreamy Solar eclipse in Pisces 8 degs on February the 26th.

Eclipses arrive suddenly bringing random events and get you more in touch with new directions you need to take, and highlight areas of your life you need to say goodbye to. Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional and culminating. Solar eclipses bring on new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

The lunar eclipse in Leo coincides with the Leo Full Moon, an emotionally dramatic and optimistic time could be felt by some over that weekend and beyond.

The Solar eclipse in Pisces could turn your dreams into reality with new opportunities arising unexpectedly use your intuition and put those ideas it into action.

The Full moon eclipse in Leo on February 10th is also supported by a mystic rectangle involving several planets so expect February to deliver an extremely dramatic time.