Expect the unexpected this October full moon

The moon governs our watery emotions and like the tides in the ocean they ebb and flow, the lunar energy seems beyond logic and reason yet its gravitational pull shifts these huge oceans from side to side. Much the same as our feelings and emotions are compelled to waltz arm in arm with the waxing and waning of the moon.
This Octobers lunation will be full of courage and you could be dancing to a tune you hadn’t expected as on October the 16th the full moon will be in Aries, giving this Moon an impulsive and energised quality and don’t forget October and Aries are both number one’s in numerology just reinforcing this drive and enthusiasm to initiate change very quickly.
This dance becomes quite electric as Uranus joins in adding not only excitement but chaos too ultimately October the 16th could signal very unexpected events and your dance may end up out of step.