Creative Dreams for New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo the Lion August 2018

If you have been feeling like you have been, stuck in mud, going nowhere very fast for the last few weeks, you and many others will be all on the same page. Several planets have been retrograding, which means going backwards, whilst this is of benefit to reflect and turn inwards before moving forward again, it can also be very frustrating, and the first part of August created a very restless energy, which makes life very hard if you are trying to move ahead with projects of any kind.
Mercury the planet of travel and communication goes direct on 19th August , so any journeys prior to this date can be disrupted and delayed , so recheck your travel documents .Mars the planet of fire , war and energy moves direct on the 27th august , so the frustration and anger can be turned around into a more constructive and productive energy as it will have moved into the traditional sign of Capricorn by then .
After all this uncomfortable energy , the big new moon solar eclipse in heart felt Leo will give you the courage to dream of your goals and use the New Moon energy to Plant the seeds ,be creative and have the strength to move forward in an enthusiastic and upbeat way , it aligns with the North node of destiny , and the suns Rays may shine a brightlight on where you are hoping to head.
By the end of the month the full moon in Pisces illuminates your artistic side and those dreams can become reality as Saturn and Uranus form a Kite pattern too, freedom can arrive unexpectedly and sometimes it’s all about the timing as Saturn is the lord of time. This Ethereal Energy at the end of August will be light relief to most and bring creative freedom to others.