A Mixed bag this December !

December is for most people a time of Joy and celebrations , it is governed by the number three which nicely reflects a time to be creative with Christmas cooking and gift wrapping , but, also an exuberant response to life ,happiness and a sunny radiance is reflected with a Number three.
This is all well and good except that Mercury the planet of communications and travel is retrograde for the best part of December from 3rd to 22nd, so, that sunny radiance can quickly change to frustration as communication and technology can break down this can be anything from Travel plans delayed to losing your mobile phone or your computer being hacked, not good for a busy festive period.
By the time we reach Christmas Eve and have survived the December rush to get everything completed. Venus in Capricorn will be conjunct Saturn ,So, the planet of love and beauty will be snuggling up to the planet of authority ,control and being grounded this could manifest in “What’s real “ keeping things within reach and living in the now.
The Magic is in walking on the earth not turning water into wine.
On a final note Christmas is a very emotional time and the Moon governs our emotions this will be in Pisces, what does this mean?
We can either feel very sentimental and dreamy with an enhanced empathy for others or our emotions can become very blurred as boundaries are eroded.
A confusing or “Mixed Bag” for December can be helped along by a glass or two or three or four of wine as the moon in Pisces allows Fluids to drown those frustrations unrestricted or hopefully they are just an essential to Celebrate the end of the Year.

Have a Great Christmas!